Meet Our Founders

Meet the Faces Behind Be Holistic


Hey, lovely souls! We're Anushka Mayers and Saurabh Khatri, the duo fueling the magic at Be Holistic.



Anushka Mayers: From Skies to Spirituality

Once upon a time, I roamed the skies as a flight attendant. But life had a grander plan. A chance encounter, a whisper from the universe, sparked a fire in my soul. A year ago, I found myself immersed in the captivating world of crystals. The energy, the magic – it called to me. Today, I proudly wear the hat of a Pranic Healer, a title earned through my journey of self-discovery and healing.


Join me on a transformative expedition through the kaleidoscope of crystals – where healing is a personal revelation.



Saurabh Khatri: Crafting Scents, Weaving Wisdom

Greetings! I'm Saurabh, the creator of scents that tell stories. Yet, life's journey is never linear. Driven by a thirst for spiritual wisdom and a desire to heal, I ventured beyond fragrance. A Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, Crystal Healer, and Pranic Psychotherapist – roles I wear with pride. My purpose? To channel positivity, creating a mandala of soothing energies.


Embark on a sensory voyage – where scents become stories, and energy becomes a healing balm.


The Heartbeat of Our Passion

Be Holistic isn't just a venture; it's a love letter to everyone seeking healing and self-discovery. We're here to guide you through the path of holistic living, where each crystal resonates with inspiration, and every burst of energy is a reminder of your inner power.


Join the movement – let's unlock the inspiration in every crystal and feel the raw, unfiltered power of holistic energy. Welcome to Be Holistic – where inspiration becomes your daily ritual.